Monday, August 24, 2009

Great-Grandma Savage is here!

Great-Grandma Savage (Macy's namesake) is in town from Minnesota to see the girls! We have had so much fun so far getting to spend time with her and letting her get to know the girls. We've been out to dinner twice, had her over to the house, and enjoyed talking and catching up. We are delighted that we have two more days with her and wish she could stay longer. Here are two pictures of us at Muirfield Village enjoying dinner with her! It was a beautiful evening to sit down at the lake house and the girls loved being outside.

Here are two pictures of the girls just before Mary Kay arrived to town. These are currently my favorite outfits for the girls, as they are so unique! They came from Great-Aunt Kim and Great-Uncle Trevor from Australia and I just love them! Can't you see the excitement on the girls faces as they await their Great-Grandma's arrival!!

More to come from Great-Grandma's visit...

1 comment:

  1. Sarah!
    I can't believe how adorable your little girls are, they are just beautiful!!!!
    Can't wait until they're doing things like making tight-ropes from the bunk beds to the desk, climbing trees and getting stuck, using the croquette mallets as weapons, eating goldfish on the couch while watching Punky Brewster re-runs and discovering their own Treasure Island!
    Love to you all, Brooke