Saturday, August 15, 2009

A post about Macy...

I thought I'd do seperate posts highlighting each of my girls, since I normally post pictures of them together. This post is Macy's post. Macy is my spunky little girl. She's typically a little more high maintenance, but has so much personality. She can go from smiling to screaming in one second and loves being outdoors. She never sits still and is always looking around at everything in sight. She's a bit smaller than her sister, but extremely strong and can lift her head completely upright when on her tummy. She's a great napper during the day, but doesn't sleep quite as long at night (currently sleeping about 8 hours a night). Her smiles begin in her eyes and she loves it when we sing. I can't wait to see her continue to grow and change!

Here are few pictures of what Macy is doing currently. The first is a picture of her on her changing table, looking at her ballerina picture. She is obsessed with this picture and we've decided that it will be sent to college with her someday, as the ballerina is clearly her best friend. Every time we put her on her changing pad, she immediately looks at the ballerina and starts smiling, laughing and talking to her. She could be crying and if you take her to see her ballerina, she will immediately get happy again. It is so funny!

Macy has recently learned to roll from her tummy to her back. We are so proud. Here's the roll in action!

Macy challenges me everyday and often covers me in spit up, but her hilarious personality and fiesty smiles light up my world! She has too many nicknames to count and is my adorable Macy Moo, Macy Pants, Macy Motion, Bunny, Froggy Girl, Monkey, Cranky Girl, and of course just plain Macy! I love you Macy!

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