Monday, July 20, 2009

2 months...

The girls are two months old. Macy was a bit cranky and Sadie is content with her pacifier. She has a bit of an oral fixation...always happy when eating or sucking on her pacifier or hand (or sometimes her sister)...


Macy (please ignore the wet outfit...that's pretty typical on Macy, since she always spits up...)

My mom and Chuck came back for a long weekend visit to let us get some rest. The girls had been sleeping quite well (about a 6 hour stretch), but seem to have gone through a bit of a regression and I was exhausted. Mom and Chuck came to the rescue and I got to stay a night at their hotel room and get some rest, while they watched the girls (Brian was out of town on business). Even better, the next night Brian and I got a night away, while they stayed with the girls again. It was great to get two full nights of sleep and we're sad that they had to leave so quickly. There is nothing like having your mom around to take care of you!

Both the girls have started smiling at us often. Here's a great one of Macy smiling and a cute picture of Sadie (I haven't captured her huge smile on camera yet)...

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  1. Sarah and Brian - these babies are so darned sweet! I am loving these updates.....and fascinated at how much they look like each of you!

    Words to live by: the sleep will get better! XOXO Richard's Grams.