Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Entertaining the girls

A few days ago, just before Brian was due home from work (our favorite time to the day...extra hands and an adult to talk to!), both girls were wide awake and both were in a great mood, which is rather unusual at the same time! Neither were interested in their swing or bouncy seats and seemed to only want mommy time. So, I decided to lay them both on the couch and I began to dance and sing back and forth in front of the couch. After a while I decided to get in some more exercise and did squats and lunges back and forth in front of them while continuing to sing crazy made up songs! Had anyone come in the house at this time, I'm sure I would have looked like a total lunatic! Hey, you do what you have to do! Both girls seemed highly entertained and sat there for a good 30 minutes without any fussing! We may have to try that every day! Here are some pictures I took!

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