Monday, July 13, 2009

8 weeks...

The girls will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it! While our lives are still crazy and we're so looking forward to getting more sleep, we've started to settle into a pretty good routine and things are so much easier than they were in the first month! I can only hope another month will continue to bring about such significant change!

Last night was the first night we tried moving the girls into their own room and own cribs. Until now, they've slept in the same bassinett in our room. They are just getting too big and moving too much. I can't say that the night went all that smoothly as they were up a lot and I was a nervous wreck, but I've been putting them in there for naps today, so I'm hoping tonight will go a little better and we'll get the 5 straight hours of sleep we were getting.

This past weekend we went to the Antique Auto Show and listened to the concert and enjoyed some good company. Our good friend Hailey (Frank and Kelly's teenage daugther) and her
friend Candace were a huge help with the girls and enjoyed all the attention.

Sadie enjoying laying on the blanket

Macy sleeping peacefully in the carseat. She LOVES being out and aroud a lot of noise!

I love taking pictures of the girls sleeping, so here are a few from the past week. It makes me so sad that they aren't sleeping in the same crib anymore, but I do think it's for the best!

Brian has always been so shocked at how much Macy resembles her Daddy. He is always pointing out their similarities and we can't wait to see if she continues to look so much like him! Here is a picture that Brian loves, since their hands look so much alike!

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