Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few more pictures

For the girls' first Fourth of July we went to the Ostrander parade with our good friends Travis, Sarah, Wesley, Shelly and Alexis. We ran into several other friends and had a great time. Here's Brian pushing the double stroller! We get lots of attention when people see us coming. Everyone is fascinated with baby twins!

Alexis and Shelly holding the girls during the parade! Later in the evening the girls went to the Dublin Fireworks and their first Fourth of July concert...

The girls like to fall asleep in the mornings in their Boppy pillows. They always look so cute!

We used to give the girls baths seperately in the kitchen sink. After a few weeks, we decided this was too time consuming and decided to try doing them together in the bath. They LOVE it and it saves a lot of time each night!



A few days ago, Heidi was nice enough to come over and watch the girls while I ran to run some errands. When my trip took longer than expected and I wasn't back for feeding, she called in some back up help! Uncle K.C. hasn't been too eager to hold the girls and I know he wasn't thrilled to feed one either, but he did a great job!

This is a common picture in our house. Both girls fall asleep immediately when laying with their Daddy!

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