Saturday, July 25, 2009

My sister is tasty!

The girls are always trying to eat one another. It's so funny and always makes me laugh...

This morning Macy tried to eat Sadie while she was sleeping...

"Mmmm...her nose is good...she'll never know if I take a bite..."

Here are a few pictures of the girls playing on the bed in the morning. We love mornings because they both are so happy and smiling. Daddy often has a hard time leaving for work because he doesn't want to leave his happy girls!

And one last one of Sadie...because it's cute!

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  1. Dear Sarah (and Brian),

    Thanks so much for the update! I really enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading about the twins at 3 months. Not even one of my kids ever slept through the night at an early age--I am so impressed! At three months the fun is just beginning. Best of
    luck, as always. Enjoy these good times and forget the rest.

    Aunt Kari