Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back to the begining...

Brian and I were shocked to find out we were expecting twins in October of last year! After the initial shock, we were so excited! Here are a few pictures to take you all back to the beginning. Here is one of our first ultrasound photos at 9 weeks pregnant. You can see our two little girls just starting to grow!

And here's me at Christmas time, around 16 weeks pregnant. I thought I was huge...little did I know! And there's also one of our family at the time, just Brian, myself and Bogey!

In April, my mom threw a wonderful baby shower for us. I was 24 weeks pregnant. It was the last weekend the doctors would let me fly, since a multiple pregnancy is considered "high-risk." Although the plane ride was uncomfortable, it was well worth it, since I got to see so many great friends and family members. We had a blast and got so many terrific gifts!

In April at around 31 weeks pregnant, it became a little too difficult to continue working every day. I was getting regular contractions when on my feet and although I didn't have to go on bedrest, the doctor agreed that it was best to lay low and keep the girls "cooking" for a while longer. Here's a picture from around that time. It was the beginning of a long few weeks where I spent most of my time on the living room couch. Car rides made me have contractions and being outside made me swell, so life became pretty boring. Looking back, it was nice to have some rest, because I don't get any now!! Brian was terrific about having to cook dinner, cart the laundry up and down the stairs and lift me off of the couch!

Life became unbearably uncomfortable by 33 weeks pregnant. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat very much, couldn't stay on my feet for long and had horrible heartburn. Thankfully our girls had always measured very large, so the doctor felt that we needed to induce at around 37 weeks. It felt like eternity, but at 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant, we went to Dublin Methodist Hospital to finally meet our girls! Here is me, comparing my belly to the decorative ball outside of the hospital! We were so excited!

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